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Pro Series Snow Clearing Chains

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Serpentine R Professional Series Snow Clearing Chains
Serpentine Tire Chains is the product of numerous requests from operators to produce a traction chain specifically designed for snow clearing applications.
1) Constant traction to reduce:
     -washboard effect created by traditional ladder chains lifting and lowering plow blades as the tire runs over cross chains
     -driver fatigue due to rough ride caused by traditional ladder chains
     -side-slip as plow blades exert constant pressure to push vehicle to one side
2) Drawstring tension chain to:
     -make installation faster with less effort. 
     -improve fit by allowing for faster tensioning to maximize service life by reducing loose fit as chains wear.
3) Square section hardened alloy steel for:
     -longest life of all steel available for tire chains
     -improved traction with square edges
     -reversibility:  chains can and should be turned and flipped after majority of initial wear
4) Flat Rectangular Reinforcement Wear bars extend service life:
     -increases metallic wear mass by double in critical area on tire face
     -improve traction in side slip conditions
     -serves also to reinforce link to reduce fatigue cracks as chains wear and flex
5) Hardened Round Wear Rings to extend service life:
     -1st link of chain going into connecting rings will always wear out first.
     -the addition of 2 round wear rings increases metallic wear mass.
     -serves to disperse wear on the 1st links to promote more even wear over tire face.
6) Price:
     -made for performance
     -priced affordably to be used by snow clearing in parking lots and state road snow removal.
**only available in certain sizes:  11r22.5, 11r24.5, 14.00x24, 17.5x25