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3/4 inch 35.5x32 Scorpion Double Diamond Studded Chains

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3/4 inch 35.5x32 Double Diamond Studded Skidder Chains

U-Shaped Stud Design


Product Features:

- This is a superior design as the face mesh is manufactured from 4 lengths of continuous studded chains that are side by side welded together every 4th link

-Double diamond design made from grade 80 steel in an all welded design.

- Chain is fully assembled and then heated treated giving this chain max service life

- The studs are U shaped and welded in between the links. The advantage is the studs are structurally better supported so the studs point straight into the earth and do not tend to lay over to one side.

- Once the studs are worn down, the remainder of the welded stud base serves as wear bar to extend the service life of the chain

- Draw tensioning chain on the outside to help assist with keeping the tire chain tight and allowing for easier re-tensioning of the chain throughout its service life

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