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QG0111COMBO Alloy Square Link Forklift Chains

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QG0111 Combo Alloy Square Link Forklift Chains with Rubber Adjusters
Standard with 5.5mm Alloy Square Rod Cross Chains
Security Chain Company QG0111 Quik Grip Forklift Tire Traction Chains are made from 5.5mm Alloy Square Link Cross Chain spaced every 4th link.
The use of Alloy material has many advantages:

1. Alloy Material is superior in strength and abrasion resistance to traditional carbon twist link chains.

2. The Alloy material is drawn through dies to a square cross section that helps bite into ice and snow.

3. The straight link design maintains a higher off the tire profile that will improve traction in deep snow.

4. The chains can be flipped to extend service life once the cross chain against the road shows wear.

Our forklift tire chains come standard in 4 link spacing and supplied with QG20074-10 5-Point Rubber Adjusters to keep the chains well tensioned to prevent chains from walking off the tire.
Fits Tire Sizes:
7.00-12, 7.00-15NHS, 8.15-15, 27x8.50-15NHS, 28x9-15, 28x9.5-15, 29x8-15, 29x9-15, 30x8-15NHS
For Complete Forklift Tire Size Fit Chart: Click Here
Tips for driving with Forklift Chains:
1. Forklift are extremely hard on tire chains. With no load, tires tend to spin on ice and snow. Avoid spinning tires.
2. Maintain constant traction - brake and accelerate slowly.
3. Avoid sharp turns as it causes extreme wear on chain as weight of forklift pivots.
4. Avoid sharp turns as it will cause cross chain to pull off side chain as weight of forklift pivots.
5. Do not run over metal grates. Cross chains will bind and break.
!!! Due to variations in machine design clearance & tire manufacturers' tread designs - Always Pre-Fit Chains Before Use !!!

Made in China

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