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PL1134 Passenger Link Chains

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#1134 Passenger Link (PL) Chains

Traditional PL ladder-style link chain is manufactured to NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) specifications.

* Not recommended for snow tires or light truck applications.
* Chain tighteners are recommended and sold separately.(Passenger Car Tighteners)
* Packaged in a durable, reuseable plastic box.
* Meets S.A.E. Class "S" clearance requirements.

This item fits the following tires:

P235/50-13, P245/50-13
P195-14, P205-14, P205/75-14, P215/65-14, P215/70-14, P215/75-14, P225/60-14, P225/65-14, P235/60-14, P245/50-14
P185-15, P195/75-15, LT195/75-15, P205/55-15, P205/65-15, P205/70-15, P215/55-15, P215/60-15, P215/65-15, P225/50-15, P225/55-15 P225/60-15, P245/50-15,
P195/55-16, P195/65-16, P205-16, P205/55-16, P205/60-16, P205/65-16, P215/50-16, P215/55-16, P225/45-16, P225/50-16, P225/55-16, P235/50-16, P235/55-16, P245/45-16
P205/50-17, P205/55-17, P215/45-17, P215/50-17, P225/45-17, P225/50-17, P235/45-17, P245/40-17,
P215/40-18, P215/50-18, P245/35-18
P220/55-390, P225/55-390

For installation Instructions:Click Here

!!! Install chains before use to insure fit. Due to variations in tire manufactures, and the geometry of the suspensions in many cars - it is imperative that you find out that there is enough clearance for chains to be used. It is also important to install chains prior to actual use and examine for proper fit. If using on front wheel drives it is neccessary to turn wheels all the way to the left, and right to make sure chains will clear all components, and body work when car is in motion. !!!

Made in China

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