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7/16 inch Crosby G-2130 Load Rated Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

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Product Description:

SHKL ANC/SAF LR GV G2130 7/16"

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7/16 inch Crosby G2130 Galvanized Load Rated Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
Working Load Limit: 1-1/2 Ton
- Safety anchor shackle
- Capacities 1/3 thru 150 metric tons, grade 6.
- Working Load Limit and grade “6” permanently shown on every shackle.
- Forged – Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.
- Hot Dip galvanized or Self Colored. (85, 120, and 150 metric ton shackles
are all hot dip galvanized bows and the bolts are Dimetcoted® and painted red)
-Fatigue rated (1/3t - 55t).
- Shackles 25t and larger are RFID EQUIPPED.
- Approved for use at -40 degree C (-40 degree F) to 204 degree C (400 degree F).
- Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26.
- Shackles 85 metric tons and larger are individually proof tested to 2.0 times the
working load limit.
- Shackles 120 metric tons and larger are proof tested, Magnetic Particle Inspected and
provided with Serialized Pin and Bow.
- Type Approval and certification in accordance with ABS 2006 Steel Vessel Rules
1-1-17.7, and ABS Guide for Certification of Cranes.
- 3.1 Certification as standard available for charpy and statistical proof test for pg 79
only up to 25 tons to DNV2.7-1 and EN13889.
- Crosby 2t through 25t G2130 anchor shackles are type approved to DNV Certification
Notes 2.7-1- Offshore Containers. These Crosby shackles are statistical proof and
impact tested to 42 joules (31 ft-lbs.) min. ave. at -20 degree C (-4 degree F). The tests
are conducted by Crosby and 3.1 test certification is available upon request. Refer to
page 76 for Crosby COLD TUFF® shackles that meet the additional requirements of
DNV rules for certification of lifting applications - Loose Gear.
- All other 2130 and all 2150 shackles can meet charpy requirements of 42 joules
(31 ft-lbs) avg at -20 degree C (-4 degree F) upon special request.
- Look for the Red Pin® . . . the mark of genuine Crosby quality
For dimensions and other information:Click Here
! ! ! Do Not Exceed Working Load Limit ! ! !

Made in USA

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